Google Wonder Wheel Scraper

Welcome to the amazing Google Wonder Wheel Scraper, Personal Edition, version 1.2.1

The Google Wonder Wheel Scraper finds keywords related to your initial query.
This is a useful keyword research tool for affiliate marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).
Keyword results are displayed online and saved in a CSV you can download.

Enter your Query (below) and it will be submitted to the Google Wonder Wheel.
This script will "scrape" the results, and then submit them again, and again.
This process is repeated up to 4 levels deep, for up to 4096 searches.
(To reduce load on the server, for this free version, I've set the limit at 2 levels deep.)
Be patient, it may take a while. The results will be displayed below.
Time estimates: 1 level = 1 sec;  2 levels = 5 sec;  3 levels = 40 sec;  4 levels = 5 mins

In August 2010, the data format of Google Wonder Wheel results changed (again).
This PHP script was updated to version 1.2 to handle the new data format.
Additional checks were added to detect (but not yet correct) Google sending back a "Captcha".
If you purchased a previous version of this script, please contact me for an update.

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For more information, please contact the author:

David Jones

Google Wonder Wheel Scraper

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Google Wonder Wheel Scraper   Google WonderWheel Scraper
Google Wonder Wheel Scraper   Google WonderWheel Scraper